• To present the new form and methods of mobile learning to teachers on the basis of custom e-learning solutions specialized training courses are held. At courses not only new programs for creation of educational content and tools of communications, but also psychological and pedagogical aspects of use of innovative technologies are considered.


    Mobile learning is such a learning activity, using not only, but mainly portable devices such as phones, smartphones, tablets, sometimes laptops, etc., but not ordinary desktop stationary computers. The introduction of mobile applications into the education system becomes available due to a large number of functions (voice, messaging, video and audio exchange, etc.). With the help of such technological devices students have the opportunity to solve a number of educational tasks. So it is very convenient to use educational software development services in this case.


    • exchange of administrative and organizational tasks (class schedule, tuition fees, etc.);

    • personalized media base of electronic educational resources, convenient use of educational content scientific and fiction literature, reference books, dictionaries, audio-visual information);

    • formation of trainings using training programs, search engines and Internet resources, collective interaction between students and teachers, additional services (global positioning system, etc.);

    • consultation and clarification;

    • instant messaging, forwarding of information;

    • webinars, social networks;

    • testing and other types of performance control.


    This training format is currently in operation, providing up-to-date information materials. On the one hand, mobile learning is created through mutual collaboration, but on the other hand, it is so individual in creating learning communities. So the education industry gets the best opportunities that can bring you interesting results and help you eventually resolve this issue.

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